More pie stock questions

Hi, some pie questions from a pie beginner.

  1. Is it at all possible to swap out a stock within a pie? IE change it for something else.

  2. Can you create a pie from investments already held?

  3. How you yo sell the stock within a pie and close it?

  4. Can you sell stock from within a pie and rebalance it?

Kind regards

  1. Yes, you can delete a stock from a pie, add another one with same allocation and then rebalance. Invested amount of deleted stock will be used to purchase the added stock.

  2. Yes, you can import stocks in a pie. Keep in mind that the actual weight will be out of balance.

  3. Remove the stock from the pie, then withdraw the invested amount in that stock. This will sell those position first, before touching any other stock in the pie.

  4. Delete a stock from pie, not replacing it by another and then rebalance, will move those funds to the other stocks left in the pie.

Thank you. I thought you could do most of that, just finding my feet.