How do I find out how much Trading 212 have just sold all my Apple and Tesla shares for?

Would be nice to get a warning in app maybe this was going to happen, I am new to trading and just assumed they would multiply by 5 whatever I had in my Tesla.

So does this mean if I was up 20%, and I buy back in my green/red % resets?

The main thing I’d like is to know how much Trading 212 sold my shares for. I have no email statement, no notification and no info in the HISTORY part of the company where it shows your information usually how much you paid and sold for etc.

I plan to invest heavily into Trading 212 stocks, but this has got me worried now how they will just sell up like this without a warning in app etc.

Does it mean having to pay stamp duty again and any large capital gains, are now taxable I assume… Luckily for now I am a beginner, but for future reference, would be good to know.

Thanks to anybody who can give some help.

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You can see the profit in the deposit history. It appears as a deposit from system. Fractional shares weren’t eligible for the times 5 system with t212 which they had announced on here previously. It’s true a notification would have been better.
I suspect they don’t have it in the sell history as your stock hasent really been sold in this case, I hope they will send us a statement To make it clearer.



When you say it hasn’t been sold. I assume they don’t auto buy at the new stock price and I have to buy them back again…

Right now I have no idea what they were sold for so hoping we will find out soon.

It’s just all mixed into one with no way to check how much I had in Apple and how much I had in Tesla.

You don’t pay stamp duty on shares outside the UK so that’s fine

You in an ISA or Invest? If you have room on your ISA allowance I would suggest using that. But even without it, you have no tax on up to £12,300 in profits I think.

Hopefully In future fractionals won’t be sold. Think they just weren’t prepared for this.

It all is frustrating, I know I feel it too, but Trading 212 has a lot on their plates with continued rapid expansion and sometimes they can’t get everything done perfectly. Just have to respect that and thank them for their hard work, and leave constructive criticism for them like you have done now. Welcome to the forum btw, recommend you add it to your home screen on your phone, is very helpful for keeping up with things!

Actually it has been sold, you can already see the cash proceeds from the sold assets + any profits in the pie cash balance.

I’ve no idea what price they sold them at. The market close price or after-hours price?