How do i get in early like in the vertical spot

a lot of stocks open with this position and there is no way of making profit from… Can i do this in trading 212 or do i have to move to another platform? Are they after market trades? Does IB support this?

If that’s a stock that has just IPO’d, usually only institutional investors can get in at the asking price at IPO, by the time retail investors like us can trade them they have shot up:)

No like even the usual stocks… Like if facebook was to announce something game changing before trading212 opening times, you will find it like this… Like some or most of them i knew about the news about 6 hours before the market opens… immeditely when it opens you find that straight line, very annoying

The gap up or down is due to the pre and after hours trading.

If you look in an app that supports it you’ll see the action leading up to that point

Does interactive brokers support pre and after hours trading?

Yeah we have it inside CFD already. It’s just the Invest/ISA we are still waiting on.

I tend to use a combo of Tradingview/WeBull/Stocktwits

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