How do you close a Trading212 account?


I cant see anywhere on the weebsite for clear instructions on how to close an account? This is a bit weird and doesn’t particularly fill me with confidence that this appears to be hidden away. Can anyone help out please?

Appreciated thanks

Hey @skwasa,

I regret to hear about your decision.

To have your account deactivated, you simply need to send us a request from your email to Then after, no further action will be required from your end, and you’ll be notified once the cancellation is processed.

We do have information in the Agreement, though. Namely:

25.5. Where you opt to terminate this Agreement, no penalty will be imposed and no charge will be made for associated costs.

However, we’ll take into account your feedback, and we’ll make the deactivation process more transparent.

Thanks Tony. The only reason I want to close the account is to open an account in USD (my current account is base currency GBP). Thanks for listening to the feedback.


@skwasa how long did the process of closing your account take? Thanks

Hey. It took a day to do

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