How long will it take to close my account so Incan reopen it?

As the title says, accidentally been using USD. Emailed over and no response yet… missing out on so many opportunities and seems impossible to get through to anyone. Makes me wonder if I should store my money here if I can’t even reach anyone for a simple task.

Excuse us for the delay - we’re catching up with the demand. In the meantime, what you can use as an alternative is to set up an account with a different email. Once your currently existing account is deactivated, you can swap the emails (if the one you’re referring to is a more convenient option).

Perfect! I have just done that now. Appreciate it.

Any chance you’d be able to take look at my new accounts verification? Just so I can ensure it’s ready also.

@D3lta We have received the request to close the old account and the procedure has been initiated. In order to open your new account, please log in with the new email address and follow the steps.

All good now!
Will my pending withdrawal still go through even though the account has been initiated to be closed? I only requested it today.

@D3lta Certainly. The withdrawal request will be executed as usual regardless of this process :wink:

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Appreciate your quick support!