How do you create a pie?

The Bot says hit the “+” but there isn’t one. Bot first says it’s top tight, then it says it’s at the bottom.

The Bot doesn’t seem to know what’s on the screens.

Sometimes I’ve found things, nowhere near the bot’s description.
It must be out of date.

I watched one of your videos on using pies, but it was about how to invest, using beta etc. No use.

No way to do it from a watch list?

The Help Centre article @krr13 provided pretty much sums things up. But if any questions about the process persist, feel free to ping me, and I’ll assist you right away :v:

It’s a pity the BOT sends folk looking for something which doesn’t exist.

The bot was just implemented last week, so yes, there is plenty of room for improvement. We’ll make sure to take your feedback on board while providing further context. So, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

So was I, and same applies to me… :crazy_face: