How does a pie behave with Close-Only stocks?

I have a pie that has a stocks that have turned into close only mode, meaning I can’t buy any just sell. I have recurring schedule that deposits more money.

But how will it now work? Will the pie automatically add the remaining funds that now cannot go into the close only stock and be shared equally among other stocks? Does the pie not sell and then rebuy the stock? I really don’t want the pie to sell the stock but still work with the other ones like it did previously.

Does anyone know how the pie will behave, explain it to me and so I don’t get screwed over but the automation?

Pointless using a pie for this purpose tbh, the whole idea is regular deposits split across your pie investments. Having it as a sell only takes the effect of the pie away.
My opinion is your better off exporting your sell only stocks and leave them static in your portfolio

Yes, my idea now is to just hold onto the stock but how would export it out of the pie without selling it? When I click “edit pie” do I just change the procentage to 0% and never click “rebalance?”

You go onto the pie and click holdings then scroll to the bottom and click options and then export, choose which stocks allocate a percentage and export them

Just to confirm, the “export” will simply move the stock out of my pie, and allow me to reallocate the percentage of the pie without selling that stock I just exported?

That’s correct, it will appear as a whole in your overall portfolio but you will now have a sell button up to the amount shares you have exported. All shares that aren’t exported will be excluded from your sell button ability.
Ie if you have 100 shares and export 50 the whole 100 will show in your company 50 will show in your pie, if you click sell you will limited to 50 shares to sell until you export the remaining 50 shares

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