How does Trading212 handle mergers?

I own shares in LVGO and they just announced a merger with TDOC.

Each LVGO share will become 0.592 TDOC shares and $11.33 cash.

Will this just automatically happen in my portfolio?


Interesting 0.592 TDOC shares.
I’ll love to see a response from T212.

I only experienced ACB reverse merger, when T212 didn’t account fraction shares and worst was they sold my entire ACB holdings and repurchased the stock back at higher price and my free money was used to topup purchase. Crazy though.

Thanks for that info. That doesn’t bode well.

When VTIQ acquired NKLA, the switch to NKLA was automatic on T212.

I think that was more because the stock ticker changed from VTIQ to NKLA.

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With the Just Eat- merger, the money of the shares is simply unlocked into your free funds, and the profit is added to your account, or the loss is deducted

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Yes that was via an acquisition if I recall correctly.

Hi @kaizoku7,

Please see the thread below:


Hi Peter. The merger has completed and the ticker LVGO has ceased trading. When will the liquidation occur and reflect in our cash balance?

Seems the merger may give me a loss. Current own 6 Livongo stock bought at $120 each current price is $140 which is about $120 profit. As far as I get it the merger will (0.592x Teladoc opening price $215.99) =(127.86+11.34)=139.19, so I make a loss