Livongo/Teladoc Merger

Does anyone know what’s happening with existing Livongo Shareholders and when the pay out will occur and transfer of shares?


This has just gone through, and I don’t understand what has happened re share price, cash consideration and being having a withdrawal form the account. Any ideas.

All I’ve gotten is $91 from a $200+ position. Any idea how this is working?

I got £26 withdrawal and that’s it from a £600 odd transaction. Where’s the rest of my money

Same here I had 50 Livongo shares and expected them to be turned into 0.5920 of teladoc and $11.33 of cash per share I’ve actually lost money now because of it.

Apparently Livongo was meant to pay a special dividend of $7.09.

Similar confusion here, I received $334.74 from 13 shares of Livongo. Also are we not entitled to the special dividend of $7.09 announced by Livongo and payable as of Nov 3 based on the link?

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Hello everyone,

Official pay date for the cash dividend of $7.09 is today 03/11, meaning that it will be paid out to the eligible accounts in the following days.

All holders of LVGO shares were sent out a platform notification prior to the closing, with details on the closing price and its constituents.

It would seem that the price used for the sale of the TDOC shares after conversion was about $192.61 ish. I had read that the share price to be used was that of the close on August 4th, which would give a total amount payable per LVGO share of $158.98, including all dividends due, allowing for a 10% premium to the shareholders of LVGO.

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My Livongo holding has gone (that’s fine, to be expected, considering the November 3rd date) from portfolio but Teladoc holding remains the same. I thought our Livongo shares were to be converted into Teladoc shares. I also see an x amount (double digits) withdrawn from the account in relation to the takeover. By the way, I had these two stocks held in different accounts (ISA and Investing). Will conversion be implemented across the two accounts?

By the way, in the history section, I see no record of Livongo holding being converted or liquidated?

I believe the withdrawl is the difference between the purchase price of the LVGO shares and the market value at the time of conversion and subsequent sale of TDOC shares. And as TDOC stock has dropped more than 10% since the merger was announced, our holdings have decreased accordingly.

The withdrawal amount is substantially higher than the reduction in the value of holding between between purchase date and the time of conversion.

And taking into account account the special dividend which will be paid in the next few days, I am down about 11%, which coincides with the TDOC price since close on Thursday when I essentially became a TDOC share holder, until today when the shares were liquidated. I have had email correspondence with Teledoc investor relations today, and they were somewhat confused with an all cash settlement.

Yes - must say I’m also confused by the cash settlement. I was holding both LVGO and TDOC shares last week and simply expected my TDOC position to increase by 0.592 x the number of LVGO shares I had, in addition to a cash payment of $4.24 per LVGO share.

Adding to the confusion, several websites were quoting a $11.33 cash component per LVGO share, but as this article ( makes clear, it’s actually made up of $4.24 cash consideration as part of the merger, plus $7.09 special cash dividend, which should come in the coming days.

Also doesn’t help that there is no comment in the “History” section to explain where my LVGO shares went and how this extra cash landed in my account…

I had 6 livongo stock. I bought at $120. so I was up around $20 dollars a share, based on livongo closing price of $140 based on what we were given including the special dividend its only $125.36 per share $5 higher than my purchase price. so in essence I’ve lost $15 a share it seems by not selling my holding.

Even with the $192 close price of TDOC, i got nowhere close to what I was supposed to, even after factoring in the $7 special dividend

Same issue with me. The amount credited is far less than expected as per the merger. Also, there’s no dividend money showing.

@David, could you please look into this ?

@David think it’d only be fair if we got a breakdown of how many shares we owned and how this amount was translated into cash no?

Understood the part about not being able to have it automatically converted into TDOC shares but feel that this is at least something we should get?

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wait just to clarify, does this mean that our LVGO shares were sold and we were given that amount rather than it being converted into TDOC shares? If so then I really missed out because I would have sold out of it :frowning:

Sorry Peter but this is FALSE. I have checked my notifications and a notification was sent but at 15.09 on 3.11.2020, having checked my porfolio I can see that the £-144 withdrawal (the amount I lost due to the closure of the position) also took place at 15.09 on 3.11.2020…so at the exact same time as the notification not in advance. Very annoyed I am as I was only down -£30 a day earlier and had you actually sent notification in advance I could have cashed out then.

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