LVGO/TDOC Merger problem


I had 8 shares of LVGO before the merger (and have also TDOC).

When I go to the history I only see a deposit of 328.12$ (Nov. 3) and the 56.72$ dividend (Nov. 4).

Can you please check what is missing?

If I knew that the positions would be closed instead of being converted to TDOC I would have closed them my self at 140$.

You should have notified your customers that the positions world be closed instead of being converted.

I’m sorry but it seems like this has been rookie-sh handled with all your LVGO holding customers being grilled without good reason.

Awaiting feedback

Did everyone that owned get a sale (closing) proceeds from their Livongo shares yet? In the history page I only see withdraw and a dividend. I don’t see any deposit. And the shares haven’t converted into my Teladoc shares.

Is it possible I was paid but is hasn’t been listed? It’s not an insignificant amount.

I’m the same
Livongo Dividend and A teledoc withdraw
No trace of the livongo share or no new teledoc , but I did only have one share .

Can I please urge T212 to ensure all concerned have their accounts credited fully (sale proceeds, dividends) in respect to the ceasing of Livongo stock as soon as possible. We can then use the proceeds to invest/trade elsewhere if a good opportunity presents itself, or whatever else anyone chooses to do.