How i can participate or buy Doordash IPO/Share?

Doordash went to IPO today, and i cant see this Listed on Trading212 platform? Can someone let me know when it will be Listed on T212 or am I missing something?


It’s trading from tomorrow isn’t it?

I assume the Class C as we don’t get votes anyway.

I reckon itll be close to $100

I expect @Joey_Fantana will do this thang to alert the staff to add.

The pricing was today, the IPO is tomorrow. Should be added no problem.


Doordash is available on Invest but not on CFD. I enquired chat agents but as usual I got their normal answer ‘We will let you know’.

It is not agent’s fault, it is trading212’s fault, they don’t provide enough information to their agents. Every time I ask them any question they have no clue about it. The generic answer i get from them is “Only time will tell”.

Am I the only one who thinks people are losing the plot with these new IPO’s people will buy anything without second thought. The price was way too high to begin with then it still gets bought. I for one won’t be falling for it with Airbnb.