How long do Dividend payments take

How long does it take for dividend payments to hit our accounts. Is there a standard amount of days we need to wait?

Hi @Masavenya , it can take 2-5 days normally so a little patience required compared to other platforms. This is caused by having a middle-man between the companies paying dividends and T212. If it’s longer than five working days then feel free to open a topic about a particular share dividend ETA.


In the main dividend can be paid 2-5 days but they can take a little while longer up to 10 days in my experience but to date i have never had a dividend payment not received just have to have patience with T212 and as they have pretty much free trading i find this is a small price to pay happy investing

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Thank you very much. I did think it was 3-5 business days. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks

Thank you, will wait till next week. Appreciate the response