Dividend payments for BP

Hi Guys - BP recently paid out its Q3 dividend which was announced on 5th Nov and paid on 18 Dec.

I never got the payment into my account until yesterday which was 21 Dec only after I had sent an email. I have asked Trading212 whether they forgot to pay me or whether this is normal as on other platforms the delay is max of one working day.

Can other who own BP Stock confirm when they received the Q3 dividend payment?

My queries with the help desk via email are not being responded to clearly and they are saying that it can take “a few days” due to accounting requirements before the dividend is paid. Really confusing.

@arjun206 you have answered your own question:

I would give it a little while longer to see if it comes through.


It came through - but it was only after I raised the query…

It was paid on Friday and you had it on Monday? That’s really quick. Usually you’re waiting 3 working days

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Got it on Tuesday after i raised the query so three working days yes.

Be patient, some can be a week or so. SHELL was about 4 working days.

Oh Tuesday. Sorry. You said the 21st. That’s 2 working days though. Paid on Friday, so one day Monday, then arrived the second day on Tuesday. I think that’s pretty quick.

Realty income still hasn’t been paid since Tuesday last week. So i wouldn’t be complaining about 2 working days

Your query had nothing to do with it. Just have patience and it will arrive. I don’t even keep track of div dates and just re-invest as I’m notified in the app

Currently I see delays on this front, so it was rather prompt that you received your dividend.

Some divvy’s took 5-10 days delivery.
While during summer or earlier it mostly took 2-5 days.

Why? Well maybe the process is not fully automated, thus as client numbers increases, covid lockdowns/work from home effect. Who knows.

Would be good to get some @Team212 feedback on why as of late most dividend payouts are delayed longer then usual.

Because we are getting increased queries on community about late dividends.


Thank you everyone for your comments.
I think i was expecting too much - maybe the platform is still developing.

I think these guys should sort out the dividend reinvestment function asap! I asked for this separately - we wouldn’t then have to worry about it. I know you can do it on Pies, but I don’t have any instruments within a pie.

Well we spoke on that topic.

You have two options:

  1. You can be flexible and adjust until they add function(create pie for each single stock)

  2. You can resist and then do manual work.

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Thank you.
This community is truly very helpful!

I got mine yesterday (22) without propting. I’ve come to expect T212 to pay a day or two later than dG or FT.