Dividends payment

Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me how long do T212 take to pay the dividends on your account?

For example PepsiCo and Waste Management have dividends paid on 30.09.2020 and 18.09.2020 respectively.

Is the time period around 3days or a week or somehow instantly?

Thanks for helping out here!

Normally 3 days after pay date but I have had to wait up to a month before (after chasing on the forum)

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Or just simply forget about single payouts, focus on long term and let it autoinvest.

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I would not do that because it is not actually a good strategy. You should always check your dividends if they are paid if not why would you do a dividend portfolio ?

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Thanks Rob1. I’ll wait next week to see if it gets paid.

Well investing in profitable & growing companies, dividend is byproduct of that selection. Buy 'n forget. Use dividend for retirement.

I am investing in dividends stock and building up my portfolio to 6 figures so I believe to check if the broker do its job by distributing the dividends. Thanks for your help though