How long does it take to delete the account?

I’ve asked to delete my account(as I want to change my country). It’s been 3 days since I’ve sent an email to but, I got no response.

It’d be great if someone from the support team could help me with this issue as I want to recreate my account(with the same email and new country) and start to invest again.

I’ve withdrawn all funds and it was €0 till today that a company shared 0€.53 - an ordinary dividend per share - which I can not withdraw that small amount of course.

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T212 already said they can change countries without the need to shut down your account you should have contacted them first

What?! I talked with them twice and both times the support team told me I have to delete my account.

Actually, one of them mentioned that the reason for this is, tax rules on each country are different so, I need to delete my account first, then I can create a new account with the new address and the same email address.

Could you please share a link regards this:

“T212 already said they can change countries without the need to shut down your account”

If you are right, I’m totally disappointed as I’ve removed all of my investment and withdrawn all funds! :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t find the thread, it was a while ago.
The thread was about the sme thing deleting shares so the account could be transferred to another country (India from memory) @Team212 stepped in and said they could help and a full account closure was not necessary

The closest thing I could find is How can I change my residential address? – Trading 212
Which is not for changing country.

this? Effect of changing residence on long term investments - #5 by annk

That’s the one was just going to send it, he’s in Germany and is moving back to india.
They have said you can keep your account open as long as you reside in a supported country

I knew I’d seen it somewhere