Transferring Investment after moving

Hello, I have a question, so I’m currently living in Germany and I’m moving back to Jordan as I finished my exchange semester here but I opened my trading 212 account here as a german residence and I built a good long term portfolio and I don’t want to sell my holdings and transfer the funds to another account, so my question is it is possible to transfer my investments to another trading 212 account or to change my accounts residency when I move.

thank you in advance


I think you can simply contact support. Tell them you changed residence, provide proof and it should be done.

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I’m not getting a clear answer, but from what I understood is that I cant change residence to another country and they don’t have a portfolio/investment transfer option either which sucks so I’m trying to see what I can do.

Thats weird. I checked and Jordan is in the list of countries available for t212.

If I’m not mistaken, you want to move residence right?

So firstly T212 can’t move your stocks to another account, at least not for now. So if you want to move stocks you have to sell them and just move the monies.

Secondly, I know you can keep your current account, and just ask T212 to updated your residence. (So no need to transfer or sell anything).

Maybe someone from T212 can help you better. @Tony.V @David

Check this post by a T212 staff.

I just contacted support and told them If I can show proof of me moving and if that will solve the problem.
I’m waiting for them to reply


Please help me. I have Brend looking for a reply for the last many months. Unfortunately, haven’t got yet.
So, right now I am trading through a German Bank Account. I deposited all money from a German Account.

Due to my job, I might need to go to Bangladesh and stay there few years.

  1. Is it possible to continue transaction from my Bangladeshi Bank Account? If yes, then exactly which Banks are listed with T212?
  2. If I withdraw, T212 sends the money exactly to that account, from where I deposited. So, if I move to Bangladesh and want to withdraw money from T212, will it proceed the Transfer to my new Bangladeshi bank account although I deposited from a German Bank Account?

Please reply.

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  1. We don’t place similar restrictions on our side, and you should be fine with the deposits/withdrawals. To be on the safe side - reach your bank & confirm if they don’t apply some local restriction, but I doubt that.
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Thank you so much for your reply.
But, one thing I am still not clear. If I move to another country, will I need to open a new account? Or I can continue with my actual/current account?

And please provide me a Telefon number in Germany where I can reach you directly!

You don’t have to open a new account. See below:

Currently, we don’t have a phone line, however, feel free to reach us via the in-app contact form - our German-speaking team will be glad to assist. :wink:

Dear Tony,
Thank you so so so much for your quick response. Just last query which I still am not fully understood.
I funded money from German Bank account and invested on T212. Afterwards, I close my German Account and move to Bangladesh and open a new Bank account there. Then If I want to withdraw money from T212 to my Bangladeshi account (as I already closed German Bank Account), will it be possible? (Although I funded from German Account which is now closed).

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Yes, it will be possible. You’ll need to contact our team, and we’ll let you know what further details we’ll require. :v: