Amc to the moon(for no reason)😂

34%+ up in after hrs I managed to buy 35.5 shares at $4.38 ,just before close, this thing is a bout to go on a wild ride…

I missed out on gamestop but every forum for trading poeple are talking about piling into AMC.

Traders are trying to get it to $10 in pre market…


The power of the internet.

Anybody got there sit on this train…???

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You got ripped off, its 1.77p :crazy_face:

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I made a pie earlier lol complete punt stuck £200 in it :see_no_evil: should look healthy at open all being well

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That portfolio is going the explode if theres any money init

They are trying to crush short sellers! Also about FUBO they are talking!

That about the same silly I bought in dollars not pound…

I saw that

Look at


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Let’s help each other grow our wealth…

Let’s drive the price up on the stocks that don’t matter…

Then add the founds to our pension portfolio.:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

But then someone has to pay/lose - who would that be?

Good redistribution of wealth though.


Will I make money on open???

Yes there’s 100% money in it

Soz was a reply to Dougal1984 he talking like the few pence difference in exchange rate makes a difference to me

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Oh I know I’m up tomorrow.

Tesla,apple roku crispr among other things…

My portfolio is good…

I just use these pump n dumps as a cash boost

What’s the pump and dumps? They are short squeezes and perfectly being executed :slight_smile:

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It’s the year of the Aquarius which is funny as my birthday is the 7th February which makes me an Aquarius.

This is the time when theres an opportunity for there to be more wealthier people in the world than theres ever been…


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No it’s a uk listing of another penny stock.

Unless you know what your doing, steer clear of penny stocks with low liquidity.

That might actually be useful to include in the 212 app, although folk should have done their own research - average trading volume, or the % of your trade vs the average / lowest trading volume of the past month.

That wave seemed to reach CINE. Sitting @ 100%+ paper profit now.

What do you think this will go up to today? It is at $4.96 as now so how about $10?

I would fully expect HEALTHY delays of updated charts, prices and P/L calcs at market open today, followed lots of bleating of “I was going to sell and make all the monies”

@Tony.V - hope you and the guys are monitoring this today and for the foreseeable, as if the platform is sluggish at open, you could see some backlash across the forum.

Looking at the app now and connectivity already seems iffy. Not a good sign. Anything you guys can do with IBKR to ensure this afternoon runs smoothly? Thanks


It’s already around $12 in premarket.

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