You Guys still hold you Bananas?🦧🍌

Hey guys, I’m worried about GME and AMC, what do you think, are they gonna come back?
And if so, when?

I don’t think so no. I think it’s one of the greatest lies ever told.


I sold them before it drops to below 190. I should’ve sold all when the second spike happened back then… still a profit though!

You think there gonna be a third spike?

The third already happened on 8th June and i missed it too. I’m just too greedy.
Can’t say if there will be more, might be better to give wsb a visit?

I’d probably reframe this and ask why you actually invested in both GME and AMC? I am assuming that you’re tittle is referring to the “ape movement”, and this is why.

This is all well and good as it has been proven that a large amount of retail investors can effectively move individual securities upwards. Well I say retail investors, but the professional money managers aren’t daft and will be trading the herd mentality play also now, and possibly even more efficiently and effectively (basically leaving the apes in a bad place).

Now the problem is that you are carrying the bag as your hands are so diamond. It was only ever a trade, not an investment I’m afraid.

Yep, I agree with this. I bought in a couple of shares just for the fun of it and sold them within a day or two for profit.

@Jacob1 how deep are you in? It could be beneficial to exit at a loss and move on elsewhere rather than hold and pray.

@obrienciaran I went in with 40k in both combined, if id sell now id lose about 8-10k, I don’t know maybe I’m gonna sell half and deal with it


For transparancy, I need to declare that I am holding AMC and will keep holding it until the short squeeze happen. It is less than 5% of my portfolio. Also I am still in green as I enter the game much earlier. Risk: You lose the money you are playing. Reward: In the the theory, no limit (it could go to infinity)

What you need to understand here is that in the AMC case, the short squeeze has not happened. What you see in June 2021 was a “Gamma Squeeze” which is more to do with option, not short squeeze.

The short Squeeze will only happen when the margin call has been triggered where the short sellers have to cover their short position. It happened in January 2021 with GME. It is yet to happen with AMC.

When will it happen, nobody knows, noone has a crystal ball. What happen to AMC drop in price and bounce back, multiple times; you will need to understand the existence of the darkpool and naked shorting of the artificial shares. Naked shorting by creating an artificial share is illegal but it is very hard to find evidence for prosecution. Also need to undertand Payment for order Flow (PFOF) which is still legal in the US, Failure to deliver (FTD). There are a lot of info available on Investopedia.

Short squeeze could happen multiple times depending whether the short seller has fully covered their short position or not.

As the general rule, avoid to play the game that you do not understand. Especially if you could not understand the price movement as you might sell it at a loss. AMC & GME are meme stocks where the price movement does not correlate to the valuation or fundamental of the stocks. It is not an investment play like FAANG stocks but it is a momentum play anticipating the short squeeze to happen.

If you are seriously into a short play (not investing) I suggest you subscribe (behind the paywall) to ortex and/or Fintel. They contain information regarding Short interest (SI), Days to cover (DTC), Cost to Borrow (CTB), Utilization percentage.


It’s none of my business but if 40k is only a few percent of your overall investments, I’d be cutting it, as 8 to 10k would not much in the grand scheme.

If 40k is a significant portion of your portfolio, it’s a different story. Why did you invest in GME and AMC to begin with? Has anything changed? Do you still have confidence and conviction in them rising? If your reasons for investing haven’t changed and you still have confidence and conviction in their future, then selling now would be selling via emotions.

If you just got caught up in the meme culture and regret it - well, maybe you will consider selling. You could cut your sell, put the 30k into a S&P tracker, forget about it, and gain the 10k back in a few years most likely. Just don’t do another YOLO with a ‘what the hell’ attitude.

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one of the benefits of this banana movement was, I started checking social media trackers on benzinga and IHS Markit. I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities to make money from apes. there are so many more garbage securities similar to AMC and GME