How the US affect the stock market around the globe including EU stock market. Stock market near the bottom?

European stock markets slump as global sentiment sours Pedro Goncalves·Finance reporter.

I do not just blindly believe this guy especially when talking about stock recommendation as it seems many believe he is working on the interest of whales and HF managers. Also, I believe the apes hate him. But He is HF veteran and used to work at Goldman Sachs investment bank for many years, so he has authority and many of his analysis are quite rationals and interestings. Also he is using analytical tools that are not easily available for ordinary traders/Investors.
This guy (not me) thinks the stock market is getting closer to reaching an investable bottom Jan 21, 2022. If he got it wrong and you lost money using this information please ask this guy, not me :smile: :smile:

I think clowns like this help sensible investor. Because 90% what he preaches, opposite is correct. .

I don’t recall him factoring a more likely Russian invasion or incursion and how the west are going to respond and Russia responds…

West responds - Russia responds, Tit-Tat Tit-Tat Tit-Tat Tit-Tat