How come U.K. stocks all red?

What’s happening, is this due to GME?

Hoping it will pick up soon as I’m losing money.

Sell off on Wall Street yesterday due to Fed interest rate decision not to intervene with the economy. Not only UK is trading lower, everywhere it is lower.

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What does this mean exactly?

Every U.K. stock is doing rubbish and wanted to know why. Because of the silly US stock market

Or you could look at it as an opportunity to buy the right stocks at a discount.


I’m down at -£5.96 already this morning. is it worth waiting to see if my stocks will pick up?

I got stocks like BP, Shell, Rio Tinto , Imperial Brands and SMT. So these are normally good stocks.

Just don’t know what to do

Are you planning on selling them today? If not, don’t be discouraged by red days as stocks go up and down everyday

If you are worried about being down the price of a cheap lunch you should not be investing in stocks.


Nothing has changed with the companies. Keep your hands strong

No I’m worried that the fact it could go down further. I’m obviously aware of the risks but never been in this situation before so it’s normal.

The American Stock market dictates to the rest of the worlds markets. So like someone said “If America sneezes the Rest of the World catches a cold” simples😆


Also if you want to get feel for the market, check out the Fear index on this CNN link


I read this as which UK (or otherwise) stocks do I want to add to right now :star_struck:


Isn’t that saying ususally in refrence to China because of things like oh I dunno virus outbreaks?

But your point still stands though lol.

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I am still waiting, they have not quite reached my target price :smiley:.

A cheap lunch to some could be a weeks lunch to others.

Everything is at risk @Mr.Trade when it’s not in your pocket but don’t get emotional trading as it can make you do things you’ll regret in a few candles!! Trust me on that I’ve done it many times in the past and lost more than I’d like to count.

Watch this hopefully it helps

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Sorry mate but this is pennies. Shall I just transfer you a tenner so you can stop moaning. My down days in the past have lost more than £1k in a day. Stonks only go up.

Diageo doing ok though! Which is a shame because this is one position I want to strengthen.

I’m new to this and first time I have lost money and seen all my stocks in red. It might be a few pence but it could go down further.

So give me a break.

You’ve not lost any money until you sell them at a loss.
Hang tight, the markets are very volatile at the moment.
My shares lost a total of £500 yesterday but not worried. Back to normal at some point. Be that a week, month or year.
Never invest more than you can “afford” or else you will make silly decisions.

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