Stock plummeting

Hi Guys!

Can anyone explain what this exactly means?


I guess it is just a notification in general about stock market. I didn’t get it though.

Powell expressed a little concern yesterday saying it might take a while etc etc …

Nothing new really, but market deemed it bad news and hence the markets are down again.

So T212 just reiterated this in a tiny message.

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I was a bit confused too, I thought they might have linked to an article with more info for people not too familiar with trading lingo.

Here’s an article I found via Google News searching for ‘stocks plummet fed

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Ohh okay, didnt really understand what they wanted to say with it i thought its some deep message about my account or something :sweat_smile:

So last night, the Federal Reserve held one of their meetings and basically said the economy is in a bit of a mess (no surprise)

As it always goes, when America sneezes, everyone else gets the cold (or virus!), so what you saw today was either a crash, dip, or correction, depending on your own viewpoint.

There’s also a GDP announcement for the UK tomorrow… some would argue the price is being factored in today

I traded the dip this morning, but am pulling back out in time for 2pm, I think theres going to be a nasty fall, just my opinion!

Thanks for the informarion. Wow yeah i didnt think it means anything good. Im selling too taking my losses as soon as the market opens.

Thank you!

Suggestion: try to create the posts and the correct categories, it makes easy for everybody interested on some topics :wink:

Im trying my best. I registered 2-3 days ago to this site so its not very clear to me yet.

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So what are peeps looking to add / sell during this period. Is it a case of adding for the future or selling to keep some powder dry?

I just sold my boeing and american airlines took the L’s but gonna buy back just waiting to see how it behaves.

Gobbling up ETF’s like a mad man right now :smiley: :turkey:

Got orders spread out all the way down for most of the big ETF’s.

BP and RDSB slowly adding too also.

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I jumped in a lil too early this morning, literally like a child in a sweet shop, sold off things for a small profit when I came down and thought rationally, they tanked later

I’ve backed up my long term holdings, but don’t want to swing anything yet, with the GDP announcement tomorrow.

The fact is a lot of these stocks were on their way down regardless, the gains of the past few months were unsustainable, this has merely accelerated it.

I think there’s a little more blood to be spilled tomorrow…

Which GDP variation is announced tomorrow?
Is the USA announcing the number of benefit requests tonight?

Jobless claims was released earlier -

Tomorrow is the NIESR estimate, its projected to be -11%! Ouchie wowie.

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Frankly I think economic data for current quarter will not have negative impact on stock market. Aka market is expecting worst data, so I doubt any “bad” news will make it swing down/red…

I would also say, Q2 data will be awful and this is also expected. What will impact market is Q3 data and now this potential “2nd wave” topics… I doubt any current economy reading will have negative impact…

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Yeah I think for the most part todays news was priced in yesterday, a very small decrease on the open but it has bounced back so far…

Which ETFs do you think are the best value now?

I wouldn’t and couldn’t really say.

I’m adding in to already opened positions + cost averaging down now on new ones.

Ones I think are still trading at a major discount are the property ETF’s.

But they are a lot more risky.
My horizon is 10+ years, I won’t be selling for a long time to come, so my risk may more or less than yours etc.

Here is my spreadsheet outlining a few:

Date Name Stock Price Prev High % from High Good Price Level % from Price Level % Change From Last Month
11/06/2020 Russell 2000 XRSG 15621 18840 17.09 17400 10.22 -0.74
11/06/2020 Ftse 250 VMID 26.665 35 23.81 30 11.12 -0.06
11/06/2020 Ftse 100 ISF 601.89 788 23.62 700 14.02 0.65
11/06/2020 Developed Europe VEUR 24.929 28.3 11.91 26 4.12 0.72
11/06/2020 Emerging Markets VFEM 42.26 48.7 13.22 43.5 2.85 2.95
11/06/2020 Japan VJPN 23.42 24.73 5.30 22 -6.45 -1.35
11/06/2020 IShares Core World Msci SWDA 4702 5113 8.04 4600 -2.22 0.71
11/06/2020 S&P 500 VUSA 46.45 50 7.10 45.3 -2.54 0.09
11/06/2020 UK Property IUKP 498.54 700 28.78 600 16.91 0.46
11/06/2020 Europe Property IPRP 3363.3 4164.5 19.24 3530 4.72 1.89
11/06/2020 Developed Markets Property IWDP 1749.9 2297.5 23.83 1880 6.92 2.03
11/06/2020 BP PLC BP 327.45 560 41.53 480 31.78 7.60
11/06/2020 Royal Dutch Shell RDSB 1306.5 2600 49.75 2000 34.68 7.27
11/06/2020 iShares S&P 500 CSP1 24525 26370 7.00 23420 -4.72 0.00
11/06/2020 Vanguard World VWRL 68.25 74.7 8.63 67.3 -1.41 0.00
11/06/2020 Vanguard World Dividends VHYL 38.1 45.44 16.15 40.7 6.39 0.00

Just note, this is just my rough guideline. Edit it to fit your needs.
Good price level is just what I feel is not unreasonable given the previous highs.


For the long term, INRG (Global Energy) is looking good

Also very wise, with the way the economy is going, with getting into a Physical Gold ETF, and buying in on the dips.