How to actually get an AIM order to excute?

First, a market cap of 100 mil is very small.
Second, regardless of the market cap:

  • What is the number of shares issued?
  • Out of the above number, take out the shares owned internally
  • Then take out the shares owned by institutions
  • The remaining shares are potentially traded, but only if the owners want to sell or someone wants to buy.
  • Then comes matching buyers with sellers at a specific price, and matching number of shares if the orders are “all or none”.

If you consider all the above, you may appreciate why it can take days not hours for your order to be executed.


Very well put @Alien

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I’ve been having situations recently where my holding value keeps going down, so I look at the stock and see that its because the selling price of my holding has decreased. But the chart is showing the value of the asset has increased!!

The value of the sell price matches that of other broker quotes, so that makes sense. But what doesnt is why the price quoted is going in the other direction!

i then make a £1 purchase to see what happens, and it buys for the quoted price which is 10% above the sell price!!! Wow. This happened with Starcom today.

Anyway what is also crazy is that i put in a purchase for City Of London stock over a month ago and its still waiting to execute!

The chart only shows one price. You can get Bid/Mid/Ask/Last traded.

Your graph is based on the Ask price I believe. It would look totally whacky if it showed multiple prices, and different people would probably want it to show different things!

Hello, just wondering if anyone having similar experience:

I had a few hundred pounds worth of an AIM stock (got no prob naming, if anyone’s curious) and sold around 11am the Thursday before last-what, 10-11 days ago?
This sale has yet to execute, has been “pending” for well in excess of a week+when I originally pressed"sell", I was up a few quid. I am now down i.e. if sale executed this minute, I would lose money now (I gather-I have to check price on Yahoo, where £ is updated regularly, T212 doesn’t seem to update AIM £ for days at a time). I think it was this stock where I had to wait <>10 days to buy/for purchase order to execute also.
I know T212 gives the “may be waiting indefinitely” warning-which I appreciate v much- prior to you committing to AIM stocks, but I’m sure I remember reading in this chat others stating there was no such wait with other share sites/companies? I really appreciate all the work T212 does+believe they excell in many departments but a 10 day wait strikes me as absurd and indicative of a system not fit for purpose? I understand AIM will be slower than the main exchanges but a wait of this length makes any due diligence/reasoning invalid. I have 2-3 other AIM stocks+but now almost feel they’re liabilities I’m “lumbered” with eg if I sell at gain, the £ could plummet in the days/weeks interim before sale executed+I could be wiped out.

Anyway, T212 have told me they’re doing best they can with software they’ve got=I know there’s little that can be done, so I guess I’m just venting-if I’m being a terrible drag, please forgive me, but, imo, it just doesn’t seem to be the ideal way to run a railroad (if it is true other brokers have systems where even AIM executions are all within 24 hours or so?)+I would much rather, if apt, pay T212 membership/ transaction fees if it would make things more “lickety split”, as waiting 1.5 weeks (+counting) for a sale to execute is a potential crippler for me. Spose I’m lucky I’m only rolling the dice with a few hundred pounds.
Thanks for listening to me drone-if you do have anything to add, I would appreciate your input.

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some aim stocks suffer from rather poor liquidity, and restricted times at which trades may occur by auction. if the market can’t find a match in that window it often waits until the next and so it keeps going indefinitely until eventually it can fill your order. the price change feed is separate and isn’t effecting your execution, but its really not that great either and there have been some issues with main market large cap companies before having prices that don’t seem to update. In this case MM orders don’t go through the market exchange and so T212’s price feed can’t update to display them.

other brokers can handle AIM better as they have access to MM who will fulfil the orders, T212 doesn’t have this yet so if you manage to close it at a decent price (minor loss or a tidy profit) then you may want to hold that specific stock with a broker that can offer you the MM access so you have less issues buying/selling it in the future.

In comparison most of your other positions are behaving normally? are they mostly AIM or main market?

It would be good for AIM stocks if the £100 limit transactions were removed. This way if the price fluctuates in the time it takes to execute you do not realise loss/gains.

For example i got a tiny amount (approx £10) in city of london group at market. It took over a month to execute. I decided not to buy anymore because of the long execution so when I was in the green i went to sell and it took even longer than a month to execute. However when it finally did execute it was sold at a completely different price to quotation.

If however price limits were allowed then this wouldnt be a problem.

Now when it comes to more liquid stocks you can use price alerts and complete market buys and sells, but for AIM its not possible.

Would anyone look into this feedback?

Hi bmbm,

If you are talking about this share, then have a look at how ‘liquid’ it is as a stock on the exchange:

In the last 12 months, there’s only been in the range of 27-42 trades per month! Thats probably why there was a long execution in this instance.

For other AIM stocks, depending on the trading service, some trades only go to auction so many times a day to try and match off trades.

Part of the reason, I think it would be handy in the app to have the market liquidity on there, or average time to trade/volumes on 212. Even a traffic light system, Blue being highly liquid, Green being within an hour, Amber for say within 24 hours and Red for any more.

Not sure if low liquidity or market is a reason limit options are not allowed.

As another side thought, would it be handy if the app had sort of a ‘betfair’ type interface, where it showed what was out there pending execution on 212?

for AIM stocks, a limit order will often turn a 1month wait into a 1year wait, by that point the “price” may have change so much your position will never close. It’s not the solution so removing the limit won’t do anything.

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Ok thanks i get what you are saying, but I was trying to give a scenario where the price does reach my level and auction price also reaches my level and then executes. But if the auction never reaches my level I am happy not to close.

So say I have a stock and value is total £50. I see that my stock has reached £100 so I do a market order. It takes some time to execute and then next auction gives me £80 after a day or so. However if I have a sell limit for for £100 then it wouldn’t execute.

This is only an issue with AIM because other markets are more liquid so when you see a price/value you will at least get close to execution at market.

When you bring in limit orders with partial shares, will you be keeping minimum purchase/sell price?

Sylvania Platinum didn’t execute all day despite the Stock going up and down on the Exchange and T212’s App.

Is it Illiquid despite the Volatility or are IKRB not letting T212 have smaller shares again? I wanted it at 85p but it went up to 89p by the time thr market closed.

Seems to have had 727 trades today so guessing that might be it.

Sadly I think its because we only have DMA, which is meant to be better for us, but not great when brokers are allowed to trade off book. Personally I think trades should have to be ‘on book’ first, and if it gets past an auction, then you can look at alternative means.