Order processing for 2 days (not AIM) - ✅ Solved

I am a newbie and started investing a month ago, so excuse me if I am doing something wrong…

I have two orders both market buy XDJP stuck in processing, one for 2 days and the other one for a few hours. I cannot cancel them.

I asked for help by chat three times today. They were polite and tried to answer but could not solve my issue.

The first person asked me to update my apps to the latest. It didn’t solve the problem.

The second person told me that it is because XDJP is on AIM market so taking a long time to process. I believe this is not correct. As far as I check, XDJP is not on AIM.

The third person told me basically it can happen even if it’s not on AIM so what I can do is just waiting. Is that true?

Does something like this normally happen in stock/ETF trading? So if a market order is under “processing”, I just have to wait for days and weeks perhaps?

Looks like the etf has really poor liquidity from my brief checks. Meaning it will be quite difficult for 212 to get a decent execution.

If you want to cancel them might be best to try out of hours - sometimes it lets you at this point.


Thanks for your reply @Donald_Duck . Good to know that I might have a chance to cancel when the market close. I will try.

Also, I should check trading volume etc more carefully… I am still learning. :smile:

This may be more general question than the original… but

Is there any good way to check liquidity so that I can expect a market order be executed within few sec ~ a minute at most?

It looks the trading volume of XDJP is around ~10k / day these days. Is it something you would avoid?

Hey @nao,

The reason being is that the instrument has extremely low turnover as @Donald_Duck pointed out correctly. Everything on our side looks in order.


Thanks @PeterA for checking!

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