How to AutoInvest Work

I have disabled autoinvest for my pies since last week and was expecting the dividends to be allocated to my free fund section but am not getting none. My expectation is that dividends should should be applied to my free fund account immediately they are added onto stocks. Thanks and would appreciate your prompt update on this.

It depends whether you have dividend reinvesting on or off. For more info about this see here Dividend reinvesting (DRIP) – Trading 212

@CavanHaganInvesting Thanks for your reply.

I’ve turned OFF dividend income- Auto Reinvest already since last week and yet dividends are not allocated to Free Fund or Cash.

I think it depends on when the ex dividend date was. If you had div Reinvestment on after it went ex. The dividend is due to be reinvested. But new dividends will be put into free funds.

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this is correct the receiving account is decided on ex-date

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What is ex ?