How to change "Number Of Shares" to "Values" in Stop Loss of ISA invest account

How to change “Number Of Shares” to “Values” in Stop Loss option of the ISA Invest account? Or it’s limited to “number of shares” only? This prevents putting stop loss on a fractional share of a stock.

Don’t think you can set a stop on partial shares - whole shares only

Thanks. But wonder why it has this limitation? This would force user to buy whole shares if they want to use the Stop Loss functions, right?

That’s what I do now, yeah.

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It’s because fractional/value shares aren’t a real thing they get arranged via T212 environment so the trades are done OTC.

The limit/stop/stop limit orders are sent to the exchange to be TOTV.

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What does TOTV mean?

Found it - Traded on a Trading Venue. Thanks for pointing that out

Sorry OTC is over the counter or off book. A deal done within T212 / IB.

Whilst the TOTV are traded at the exchange.