Trading 212 Ytube videos not the same as charts

I have a live isa account and was on your tube channel watching the video…" How To Use Limit / Stop / OCO Orders"

But the current order ticket looks nothing like the video. I cant see a way to “attach” take profit and stop-loss orders as per the video. And I can’t see the OCO order anywhere. Has this process/design of the order ticket been changed but not reflected in the video? It is a bit confusing.

Thanks in advance for any help…


The demonstration was given using a T212 CFD trading account, since you are using an ISA account the take profit and stop loss orders do not apply.

You can use price alerts as an alternative in the ISA account but you will then have to return and send your orders manually.

Thanks Rocky that had crossed my mind but it’s good to now know…I appreciate u taking the time to answer my Q… :grinning: :+1:

Actually if you click sell on the investment, you will have options to set a limit, stop, stop-limit.