How to delete a share from a pie without selling it?

Hi all…new T212 user here. I think I’m a pretty intelligent bloke but the pies have me confused.

I created a pie and was playing around with the app and wanted to move a share out of my pie (not sell it) which I did using the export investment. Now those shares show as removed from pie and “to be sold with priority during the next rebalancing or withdrawal”

Is there a way to cancel this as I want to keep the shares? I didn’t get a warning about the shares being sold before I exported them so the way this works is very strange.

If I can’t reverse this sale, should I rebalance and then rebuy the shares? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You have to do it on your phone not on the web app…navigate to holdings then scroll to the end and click more options then you’ll see import & export investments

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Thanks…i figured out how to put the shares back in the pie but couldn’t figure out how this happened?

You probably went holdings, edit pie, and removed position from there. Thus it is in pie still, but will be sold on next rebalance or withdrawal.

If you want to just remove stock from pie. Go to Pie> Holdings > More Action > Export investments


Understood, thank you!