Removing from pie without selling

Be nice if the pie editing feature would give you a choice of when removing a stock from a pie that you could just move it back to your investments or sell the stock .Think sometimes you may want to just change the stocks in a pie without having to sell that stock as I personally have pies with auto invest and stocks outside pies which I add too manually

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We’re developing a feature for importing / exporting shares. I think its the solution you seek :slight_smile:


If you need a beta tester… :wink:

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We need :slight_smile: As soon as it’s ready we’ll update all betas.


Fantastic that’s great news apart from that the pies are a very valuable tool for smaller investor like myself fractional shares have been a game changer for me and pies only add value to that well done t212 !!


Looking forward to this, I’ve got some shares in multiple pies that I want to move out of one and into the other so I’m not duplicating :joy: wasn’t always thinking about these things while messing with them.

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That is why beta tests are done. We are the “guinea pigs” for testing current features and undiscovering new one! :grinning:

Oh yes, for sure. I’m fully aware of the benefits of testing and have uncovered and reported on a few bugs during the duration of the beta, plus it’s fun getting to play with new features.

I don’t always think about the ramifications of my actions when I’m doing a “what happens if I try this” kind of action. At work I can just reset everything back to the beginning so it’s a little odd having to consider how it will affect me in the future :sweat_smile:

I tried to put Tesla in more than one pie but couldnt, are you saying you have the same share in more than one pie?

Yes, as an example I have apple in my big boys pie and in my pattern 2 dividend pie. Others that are in multiple pies include mcdonalds, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and so on :joy:

Also ignore my pie naming. I’m waiting for pie in pie so I can make a “race” pie pitting the big boys pie against the stonks pie.


ok thanks i need to try again then,R

I got AAPL/AMZN/FB/MSFT in 2 different :pie:… no issue whatsoever

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