How to do a bank transfer

Hi all,

Up to now I’ve been funding my T212 account via DD, but with the .7% charge for deposits past 2k I’ve been trying to do a bank transfer, without success.

Initially I tried doing it from T212’s end, via the Truelayer software that I’m directed to, but when I follow the procedure it appears my bank (HSBC) isn’t recognising me, which is odd as I’m also interacting with my bank app as requested.

I then thought that it might be better to try through my bank app directly as I would normally pay someone with a transfer, but I’m not sure what details are needed. I was under the impression from searching up about this before that I would need to input my own ISA account number as the ‘payee account’, but would I actually need to use T212’s own account number (48805769), which was given when I tried to make payment on via Truelayer? That would make sense as I’m also given a sort code (FWIW, I tried both when using Truelayer and got nowhere).

Can anyone help?


So hit the burger menu on the corner. Then press deposit funds. Tap bank transfer and you’ll get a new screen with all of the details you’ll need.

The open banking connection should work though. Afaik you have to do it all through your phone apps at the moment.