Instant Bank Transfer

I’ve made two attempts to make a deposit via Instant Bank Transfer, using my mobile but neither have completed.

My HSBC app fires up and allows me to authorise but the next step, where I see ‘truelayer’ in The URL, jumps back to my 212 app and opens it up at the start page.

I’m not presented with any errors, but nothing has left my bank account…?

It should keep jumping back to true layer, I managed a deposit yesterday

Doesn’t happen for me. Once it jumps from my authorisation on HSBC back to 212 that’s it. Nothing else and no transfer…

I idea is to make sure you don’t have Content Blockers active :man_shrugging:

@dMLT thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have any content blockers on my mobile.

I’ll try the web interface, but will be a pain if I can’t do this via mobile!

Got it working now, but had to do an initial transfer via the Web interface.

Mobile transfer is working fine since. :+1:

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Quick follow up question relating to Instant Bank Transfers - can this method also be used for making withdrawals, or are they only one-way, from bank to T212 as opposed to vice-versa?

Authorised my account twice now but true layer just glitches out and no official link is established…