How-to: stock chart fixed scale

This may already exist (and therefore not be a feature request), apologies if it is the case.

I am used to stock charts on the internet, where you can select “1week” “1 month” “1 year” etc. Trading212 stock chart on the PC screen is different from what I am used to, it seems that the time frame is 3-4 months and fixed.

  • How can I zoom / de-zoom the time axis? ie look at “all time” chart, then look at the stock price for the previous week.

  • How can I make the y-axis (stock price) fixed and starting from zero ? I don’t like the fact that the y-axis auto-adjusts when I scroll the time axis. You kind of lose notion of the trend.

Can someone help me with this?

On the app, I can select 1d / 1w / 1m / 1y / MAX to visualize past stock performance, however on the web it does not seem to work like that. Am I missing something?