How to use a stop loss

on 212 invest, how do you execute a stop loss ?

Click on sell then change to stop and select how many shares and then fill in the trigger point where it automatically makes a market sell for you.

Try not to set it too close to the current sell is my main tip, to avoid being taken out of play too early.

Think of it what’s roughly the min I want to walk away with, if you’ve only just bought you might want to set it a bit lower and then click it again to adjust and move up as it’s cleared that region. If you’re on the app it’ll add in the section underneath the return so you can tap and adjust or cancel.

this did not work i got to sell and then stop but there was no option to put in a stop option

Sell > Stop > number of shares you own > Enter price below which is your stop loss price > Select GTC > Submit order


Should look like this so you tap where the --.-- is and enter the trigger point. You’ll see above the current sell price in this case 12.29, so I would then decide how far from that am I happy with it falling before selling, as it’s moving around the 11-13p I would want it less than 11p otherwise it could get taken out with a large dip. I bought in a 7.5p so that would be my absolute bottom, so somewhere between those would be fine. I’m confident with this one and it’s not volatile so I haven’t actually got a stop set. Basically make sure you give it room to breathe. Use the price alerts to set a few barriers between the current and stop so you can always make a decision earlier if need be.

You also probably want to change to Good Till Cancelled. They should really have that as a default.

For now you have to manually take a decision once set to move it up as it starts to rise.

Looking forward to when trailing stops are added so it actually follows it up.


Many thanks all ok now

I agree, trailing stops on the Invest and ISA accounts would be quite useful :slight_smile:.
Probably something for after the main version of the pie is launched (not Beta).