How to vote for FMCI extension

You can vote for the extension of FMCI using the details below or alternatively, you can call on Google Hangouts which is what I eventually did. This means you won’t pay anything to call the US. You may be waiting in a queue for a long time, if you get cut off just call back. I managed to get through 3 calls later. The number you can call if using Google Hangouts is +1 (877) 787-9239

You can also call using the details below:
UK voters (call) - 0330 117 3872
Then type 0018777879239 to get through for free.

Trading 212 do not allow you to vote through them, FMCI are aware of this and we can not vote electronically. It must be by calling the number above to get counted. You will be out through to a call centre and wait for a representative to ask you for your name, address and telephone number. They will ask if you are voting for the boards recommendation, you just say “yes, voting for.”

I hope this helps!


Posting from the US here. The above is correct. Lines are open today (Saturday) from 1000 to 2100 Eastern Time. Call times can be long. Don’t trust online voting even if it is available. Call and confirm. Lines are open again on Monday.

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Is the the same number for the merger vote 15th October?

Yeah, just call the same number.

Brilliant thank you! Not sure why trading212 can’t just give this info out?

I know, I completely agree. If you’re not in the FMCI Facebook I recommend joining. People are very helpful in there :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I just got through really quickly on google hangouts and they’re not taking votes until tomorrow 9am-9pm eastern time…