Forum Merger II Voting (Ticker: FMCI)

Hi There, hoping someone can help. I have invested in FMCI (pending merger with Tattoo Chef), but it appears merger has stalled as at least 65% of votes need to be cast to count. Does anyone know how to cast votes, apparently if for any shareholders - hopefully someone can help.


I was going to ask this question. I haven’t received any emails.

Same here, voting has been extended till September 30th. How can we cast our votes through T212?

Same here…please T212 give us instructions on how to vote

@David @PeterA @Martin - can you advise please?

I don’t recall anything like this with the VTIQ/NKLA merger - does the fact our shares are purchased via 212 mean we do not have voting rights?

Above answer is from July -> NO voting rights.

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Thanks @Rygel

Thanks Rygel.
Could we get confirmation from Trade212?
As shareholders we should be have voting rights

there’s seems to be some success from individuals holding shares in Trading212 calling to the number provided( US number) and giving details required for their shares held

You can vote for the extension of FMCI using the details below or alternatively, you can call on Google Hangouts which is what I eventually did. This means you won’t pay anything to call the US. You may be waiting in a queue for a long time, if you get cut off just call back. I managed to get through 3 calls later. The number you can call if using Google Hangouts is +1 (877) 787-9239

You can also call using the details below:
UK voters (call) - 0330 117 3872
Then type 0018777879239 to get through for FREE.

If you haven’t voted, please do so.