The fact we need to discover last minute we cant vote or participate in $SHLL shareholders meeting is very troubling in my eyes

Also, your support is very, very inconsistent with their answers, the same was with the $TSLA split, answeres changed by the minute.
You need to fix all those things in order to keep people feel safe with their money.

It’s Crucial

you can vote by calling directly to number provided( can be doen free via apps). some people from UK were able to vote for FMCI yesterday via phone

Trading212 has never provided a way for voting. I am not sure how you discovered this last minute or why you thought you can exercise your voting right for your holdings in t212.

The following is from client agreement:

  1. Voting Rights, interest, Dividends, and Corporate Actions.

20.1. We are not obliged to but we may arrange for the exercise of any voting rights, or the exercise any conversion or subscription rights attaching to Investments we hold on your behalf.

20.2. We will be responsible for claiming and receiving dividends, interest payments and other income payments accruing to your Investments we hold on your behalf.

20.3. You shall be solely responsible for providing us with your instructions in respect of clause 20.1 and 20.2 above but if we are unable to obtain your instructions we may, without incurring any liability, use our judgement and act as we think fit in your best interest.

20.4. As a result of corporate actions you may be allocated fractional shares. Trading 212 will aim to provide them as fractional shares, however, if that is not possible for any reason Trading 212 will pay a cash equivalent of your fractional shares to your trading Account.

A search in the forum can give reliable answers from admins:


When you signed up for Trading212’s share dealing service is it outlined clearly in their terms and conditions

I have been using Trading212 for a while now and feel safe with my money as I have read the terms and conditions

I’m happy for you…

Raised two days before the vote is due… at what point did you learn that a vote was required…?