Thank you 212 chat team

I know there has been a lot of complaints recently but i genuinely would like to thank 212 for bringing back the chat feature on the app. Its very helpful and the staff on there provide you with an excellent service. I hope this can be relayed back as some positive feedback for the 212 chat support team. @David @Tony.V


I have always had a pleasant and speedy experience when using the chat function. Its not showing available for me currently but it would definitely be welcome to have it back,


It is back Scott hence for me putting this up today.

No, it was back for you. I have not had the pleasure of seeing it enabled or available yet. They may have enabled it but its just not available for me currently, I still have the Contact Us form option. This has been discussed in the past where its been available for some but not for others due to many factors controlling its use. Hopefully it will become widely available soon again :+1:

Oh didn’t know that. Its a relief to get it tbh, wasn’t there for me for a while too.

it shows or doesn’t differently on a per account basis. so there are those of us who can almost always see it, and those who almost never see it.