How Trading 212 executes orders?


I found this video on Youtube made by the official Trading212 channel and I have a question about it.

This video shows how your service uses a smart routing system to find the best available price and how it does not apply any delay in the execution of orders.

Does this make Trading212 a direct access broker?

From what I found on the internet Trading212 is a client of Interactive Broker. And this one is considered a direct access broker. So is it correct to think that T212 is also a direct access broker?

Trading212 acts as an intermediary between the investor and the stock exchange? Does Trading212 send my order directly to the stock exchange?

How does Trading212 distinguish between competitors such as Robinhood and Webull in terms of order execution? From what I know brokers who offer free commissions generally use a practice called Payment For Order Flow (PFOF), does Trading212 do the same?

On the internet there is some talk about how Robinhood and Webull are not suitable for day trading but only for swing trading given their delay in executing orders. Is Trading212 an exception?

It would be nice if I could get an answer directly from the Trading212 Team.

Thank you


@Tony.V @Team212 @David can answer.

@luky Yes, since IB is our intermediary we provide direct market access execution.

We don’t rely on RSPs or market makers to handle our flow - you trade directly on the exchanges’ books.


This is a fantastic news.

I think that such information deserves at least to be included in the FAQ of your site.

Thanks to the quick clarification David.


Hi, i am new to the investing world and after using the demo/practice mode i have one question, and i think it cand be asked in this thread. So, after buying shares on CNDX - Ishares Nasdaq 100 ETF, i have noticed in the history section that the transaction type is OTC. So, buying shares on ETF-s are over the counter type of transactions or directly to the London Stock Exchange?

That’s not unique to CNDX. Orders can be either TOTV (on the exchange) or OTC (off book)

It’ll be off book if its a fractional or value order, or if it can be filled inside the T212 network matching the trades.