Brexit consequences on long-term investing with T212

Following up on the Long term investing reassurance (hopefully) topic, does Brexit have any consequences on the long-term investing with T212 if someone is from the EU?

Are the points that were made on Long term investing reassurance (hopefully) - #5 by AlexK still valid today for EU nationals? To expand on that:

  1. Are the funds still protected by FSCS? And up to 85k pounds?
  2. Is the 85K only the cash in your account, or is this investments + cash ?
  3. Are the securities still being held with Interactive Brokers? And if so, in which country does IB keep them? I suppose it should be in the UK/Luxembourg/Ireland.
  4. Is the cash still being held with Barclays?
  5. In the worst case scenario when T212 goes bankrupt, what happens with my investments? Are they held by a third party? And is there any guarantee that I get all of them back. Or are my investments transferred to IBKR and can i continue investing with them, since my equity is in custody with IBKR?

And if all of the above things are still the same, can someone explain how T212 has managed to continue serving UK and EU nationals after Brexit?

I know there are several topics on this but I can’t find a clear answer on these questions.
So i thought it would be a good idea to create a new one with clear answers (also for other/ new investors).

Thanks for your help in advance! :slight_smile:
Let me know if this makes sense to you and if you have any ideas

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My understanding is all this information is publicly available on the 212 website.

So in a total doomsday scenario, if 212 were to go under for whatever reason, your assets should be segregated/safe, and transferred over to another provider.

^ provides more detail.

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The answers are all there


So if I live outside the UK (Holland), my cash in my account is still protected up to 85k pounds since our money is stored at Barclays and still regulated by FSCS. And the fact that T212 has moved partly to Bulgaria also has no effect on all of this?

Just found this. I believe it means you’re protected for 85k if you’re account falls under ‘Trading212 UK Ltd’. And not if you’re account is under ‘Trading 212 Ltd’ (so Bulgaria).

Sorry for the spam but I think I found all of the answers in a email from t212.