How will the VTIQ / NKLA merger work on the platform?

Is it just a simple name change? What happens to open positions on CFD / Invest?

When is this, today?

The ticker will change at the opening of the NASDAQ

Pretty sure it’s today yes.

If it goes down below $15 I’ll be interested in this, atm it’s way too overvalued for my liking.

Knowing this though and the amount of retail behind it already comparing to Tesla it’ll probably go up. :rofl:

That’s my thinking. Sometimes you gotta suspend disbelief, ignore fundamentals and just ride the FOMO train with the retail sheep. :joy:

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Only ticker symbol change. Everything else stays the same.

Hi all, big merger day today and the chart for VTIQ doesn’t seem to be working can see the market is open but I am worried the chart isn’t working on Trading212 tried on desktop, laptop and mobile phone on different networks?

Same on TradingView. Should work when market opens. I wonder when CFDs will be changed too.

App shows market is currently open which is my main concern

Yes for CFDs. On Invest it is closed.

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It’s not technically open yet. It’s pre market trading hours. Anyway must be something to do with the name change.

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On CFD there are no new bars on my charts. Which seems to be ok, since VTIQ can’t be traded anymore. Patience :slight_smile:

The magic is about to happen after the opening bell in the USA. We’ve already prepared the security for this specific action. :v:


Check. :call_me_hand:t2:

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-04 om 11.22.28

Can’t wait to see that slick blue logo next to the red one of tesla :sunglasses:

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Can we add pre-market trading on CFD platform please? NKLA is almost 20% up today in pre-market.