VTIQ merger proxy vote

The VTIQ merger with Nikola is up for shareholders vote on June 2nd. If we have shares held by trading212 is there a way to submit our proxy vote ?



See also https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vectoiq-acquisition-corp-reminds-stockholders-to-vote-in-favor-of-business-combination-with-nikola-corporation-301064896.html

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Ofc what’s your plan this?

I can see the vote is June 2.

Three days this week. Are you planning on selling on the Mon 1st or holding through it?

I can see it being pumped like no end on Twitter by retail traders feeding the FOMO.

Is there any advantage of holding through or simply see what happens and then join in once it becomes $NKLA

I am investing, so will hold for a long time. Got in somewhere around $12. Nikola has lot potential in hydrogen heavy duty truck segment. Almost no competition yet and they have great products.

@mag01 I just read you are only eligible if you held common stock before May 8th. I opened position in March.

@mag01 Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that. The shares are held in nominee which significantly complicates the process.

I have also held them since March. It’s a shame we cannot vote, but I don’t think it will matter in this case.

I have had a similar thing with another broker. They charged €10 for a proxy card. Not gonna happen.

I was very tempted to buy at 26 this afternoon but I’m holding off as I think it’s likely to be dumped on Friday/Monday before the merger.

I haven’t got any experience of mergers but it looks like in this case whatever the value is before it stays the same and just the ticker updates.

I guess @chantal and @mag01 you’ll hold through the merger?

Yes. I believe in the long term of Nikola and hydrogen.

I plan to hold long term regardless of what happens to the price at the merger.

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Hi All.

So as I understand it, VTIQ shares will simply get changed to NKLA, what about any positions held in CFD. Will they go through or do I need to close them before the merger?