Vtiq changes to Nkla

So today VTIQ changed to NKLA with the merger to Nikola Motors/corp.

What do we think - all hype or one to rival Tesla and see vast growth in the years to come?

Im going to buy until they hit a profit next year, then dip in when i can afterwords i see this being a sold stock in years to come, looking at the concept, designs and the return on the products compared to diesel etc now im very optimistic


Serious competition for all other truck companies when it comes to hydrogen trucks. I love the business model too.

See interview with Trevor:


(Disclaimer: I am long on NKLA, got in early. Believe in the company)


I have it on my watchlist and nearly made the jump start of May when was about $16.

The fear of missing out was huge but I felt the many hurdles to even get truck001 off the assembly line both interms of time and cost could mean they miss the boat. It’s great that they already have BUD waiting to order but …

I will be watching over the next few weeks to see how the price reacts and then maybe dip my toe.

Bit the bullet on the dip, just before close. Looking forward to the journey! :truck:


Made me even more bullish I only seen the one later in the day

It’s a 15 billion dollar company with no revenue and no plan to generate revenue until 2021!

bearish on this one