Regarding Nikola Motors takeover

so curently on the app there is VTIQ stock which will merge with Nikola Motttors and from what I undetstand will bekome NKL. What will happen if I own VTIQ right now? Automatically become NKL?
Will get sold?

@StefanStandUp I think this still isn’t certain, as far as I remember, the deal will be voted on by VTIQ on June 2.
Should the merger go ahead & be completed, as a VTIQ shareholder, your holdings will just become NKL.


Yes, only the ticker is changing.

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apreciate it man, thx cant wait for this to go on and get accepted…so yea probably will wait untill june 2 and if it gets accepted probably will get into it. if not, skip it

It’s jumped 40% already.

Merger approved. Ticker will be NKLA on Thursday. Trevor will ring the bell on Nasdaq I think…