Hyliion Inc going public (SHLL)

Up 23% today missed gains :confused: onfused

Please make this stock available asap

Not wishing to do 212 any disservice, but it’s on IG today.

Honestly these should be added without having to request everytime :confused:


It’s amazing how people fail to recognise a queue when they see one.

And then somehow manage to blame the company.

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Please add while still cheap to buy

We can all beg T212 to add this but they won’t until it’s already gone up by 500%. What’s the point then?

I’ve come across so many stocks that T212 don’t have. It’s unbelievable. Can’t wait for Robinhood to come to UK

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I can’t wait either, but mine is for a different reason…

:arrow_double_up: :door:

When do you think that will be? I emailed them and youre right… “if there is an interest in it we will add it” basically means we will miss a great opportunity. Where else can you buy shares in the uk fee free?

Not of Freetrade or HL tbf

Just had this pop up

Just seen it’s on DEGIRO along with the Wisdomtree Cloud etf

Unfortunately there’s also a massive queue to create an account haha

@Agie13, do you mean that De Giro has a queue?

@EquityInvestor Yeah the platform itself has a large queue to create an account.

Available on Interactive Investor but you’ll be waiting a fair wee while for them to process your W-8 forms.

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Keen to see SHLL added also.

Is there actually a queue to sign up? :hushed:

I asked T212 to add IDEX - Ideanomics less than 2-3 days ago and it’s already up there.

They may be trying to get this stock on there trading service but may be experiencing difficulties.

I can assure you there is no other trading app like 212 at this moment in time for UK based traders.

Maybe try research some stocks they do have for the mean time and pray we can get into shill before it’s too late :+1:t4:

IDEX has been on the platform for about three or four weeks iirc.

Not always, it’s just been put on. It’s in the new to trading 212 section

Maybe your talking about IEX - IDEX corporation not the ticker IDEX - Ideanomics.
Many thanks Donald

IDEX was added on the 22nd of May (as you can see from the data in the chart).