HYVE Rights issue consolidation

Hi all

I’ve seen an announcement on HYVE that they are consolidating shares and a rights issue to buy new ones based on qty you have current.

Do 212 support this and anyone know what it means do you need to buy or sell?


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T212 will email you asking it you wish to take up your rights. Not sure on when that will be but I believe it has to be before 4th June for the Hyve consolidation

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@David ive just received a email about hyve stock reversal offer more stock at lower price which ive opted into and was wondering if anyone knows how long it is until we receive the stock?

Rights issue and consolidation was yesterday, no?

Check the RNS


Hi all,

I am new to shares trading, Hyve group have right issue, can someone please tell me how can I exercise this option? What i need to do on Trading212 for that.
Thanks and Good luck

Assuming you held the shares on or before 27th May @Saadua then @Team212 should have been in touch with you via email. If you picked them up later, then unfortunately you won’t be eligible.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Since i was not eligible for right issue i sold them.