Stock Splits and Rights Issues


[I posted this in another section of the forum but felt it’s more suited here]

If our holdings announce a stock split, will this be automatically updated in our portfolio? Will we get a notification?

And regarding rights issues, if we qualify to purchase new shares at below market value through a rights issue, would this be feasible through your platform?


@askeyt Hi,

Stock splits & reverse stock splits will automatically be reflected once the effective date is due.

As for rights issues, if a company you own does announce one, you’ll be queried via email whether you wish to participate.

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I should have some rights issued on my Aston Martin stocks… hopefully hear from 212 very soon. I’ve already exercised them with already.

@paDsy Could you check your email, please? You should’ve already received an email from T212 regarding the rights issue.

Wow @David that was a fast response!

Unfortunately I have yet to receive an email (I even checked the depths of my spam folder)

Update: I’ve checked with some other users who own Aston Martin stock and they also have not received any emails from T212 with regards to the rights issues.


@David any updates here?

Thanks :blush:

@paDsy We’re investigating now.

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Same for me and a few friends using 212. Other shareholders using other apps are all fine and have the information.

Any update on this please?

We resent the email to everyone eligible to participate in the rights issue.

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Received thanks very much for your help David

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@pablo Apologies that it took this long, we’re working on smoothing out the process. :slight_smile:

Hey @David we finally received the e-mail, thanks! …however

There is a problem with the rights issue subscription. Please contact our customer support via chat or send an email at

attached image for clarity.

@paDsy Yes, we just fixed that, could you please try again?

@David - AWESOME!

You have successfully subscribed to the rights issue in full. The order has been executed.

We got there in the end! Thanks again for the support.

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Hi David

I still didn’t receive any email.

May I ask what is causing this problem and how you gonna avoid it in the future?

I’m following up this stock very close but the idea of missing this kind of information scared me.


@MGM I’ll DM you so we can look into this.

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Morning @David - I just wondered when we might see these new shares issued on our T212 accounts?

Using I’m able to to see the shares I purchased as a separate listing.

I’ve been trialing T212 and ii for a month now, and I have to say for me personally T212 is fantastic for frequent share purchase and sale (no fee). Also the peace of mind knowing that you guys are there to help resolve any issues is a fantastic plus - although of course it would be better if we didn’t have to contact you :crazy_face:

Happy Easter :hatching_chick:

Hi @David.
I sent an email to support with a few question about this.

Could you please answer them ASAP? As far as I know there are people getting the new shares issued and I don’t know anything about it.

Thank you

@paDsy Most likely next Monday, 19th of April.

We’ll try to make the corporate actions process more intuitive. :slight_smile:

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