I cannot open an account [Solved]

I tried opening an ISA account with Trading 212. However I am blocked at the terms screen. Has anyone experienced this? How do I fix this problem?

I have not experienced this issue, but what platform are you using?
Everything went through for me using the Web platform on the Desktop.

If you are on a mobile, can you post below a few more details:
IE: if it is Android or Apple - and app version etc… it may help the team narrow the issue down.

I used latest Macbook Pro with Chrome browser.

I can’t offer much more of a helping suggestion other than try another browser temporarily.

I can flag this thread to the attention of the staff to get this issue nailed for you.
Sit tight and wait for them to respond.
If you manage to fix the issue, then go ahead and post below that you sorted it out.

:v: @Team212 @Tony.V @George Can you kindly advise?

@Kurdiez There is an active demo account under your email. We can deactivate it, or you can sign up with a different email. Either way - reach us out at info@trading212.com, and we’ll assist you further.

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I sent an email to the email you gave me to request for deactivation of demo account. Thanks.