I like the new UI, but please don't take away data from us!

I like the new Trading212 UI, but I am disappointed that it takes away valuable information that I normally rely on.

In the past, updates to the “History” feature have literally removed any reference of a “POSXXX” position number, which is the only way I can keep track of which buy / sell transaction is linked to what. Currently, this is still visible in the e-mails and in the Trading212 UI on open positions only, but the new beta UI removes it from there too, which means the only way I can see my position numbers are if I wait for an e-mail the next day.

Please add the position number back to the history feature and also make sure that the data in the current UI is still available in the new UI (i.e. more details on open positions).

I’m all in favour for improving UI, but when you start taking away useful data, then I’d rather you didn’t touch it in the first place.