Position History function

The Position History function on T212 desktop version is not working. Normally when I right click on any of open positions, I can select Position History to see all trades of a particular stock I hold. Please fix. Thank you.

There is a History button at the bottom of the instrument page.

On desktop? I cannot see that option. Please can you clarify?

Click on History


In the upper right corner:

Thank you, it works. However the previous function meant you did not have to do a download, it was there within 2 clicks. Thanks though.

You can also find the history at the bottom of an instrument’s page. Scroll to the bottom and click History.

I think it would make sense to place this button within or close to the same place that “Your investment” is shown rather than at the bottom after all the Company and Instrument details.

facing same problem since Mo 8th Feb so far this useful function POSITION HISTORY “on-two-clicks” doesnt provide data (just empty window pops up)… I though this bug is caused by last big W10 upgrade installing by that time, but tested on other NTB with W7 and this bug appears as well

Pls, T212, could you fix this bug any soon??? missing that feature really much!

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I also have this option. History workaround is not usefull when wanting to see the history for a particular stock.
Please re-enable

Anybody else facing same bug (=unavailable data about POSITION HISTORY for particular stock) on desktop?

no one else has such problem on desktop/laptop? neither temporally seen such issue?

So then must be root cause somewhere on my HW/SW…but where? all cleaned with CCleaner, W10 freshly apdated +protected with MSDefender, no internal issues listed in overview of Windows system issues, same on Chrome and Edge…Im lost :-((((

Yes - I have the same problem. I’ve tried various browsers and also incognito / private windows (to make sure the problem isn’t caused by saved cookies etc).

This is a very serious bug for me, especially given the state of the market today.

As a workaround: the history facility does work for me on my smartphone. However, when I use it, it causes my desktop T212 to logoff, which is unacceptable.

Today I got reply from T212 with advise of swiching to new BETA desktop/laptop version of webtrader, as only possible “solution” :-)))). So I tried and really, in new BETA app I see my HISTORY for particular product.

…but here appears fail 1) the showed list of historical prices for particular product is not stated in MARKET currency but in ACCOUNT currency. Shall be showed in the original MARKET currency to be briefly comparable for daily trading with market price.

Next fails in new BETA app:

  1. The multisearch func CTRL+F for name of product works only when product from ptf is just displayed on screen at time. It doesnt work, if product is hidden/out of screen deeply in portfolio.

  2. Multisearch func CTRL+F for ticker(s) is not supported in comparison to actual app, which knows it.

  3. arrows by price appear even if markets are closed // missing sign of circle = market is closed (or maybe newly before/after hours trading is offerred/possible?:-))

  4. missing important info about portfolio performance (in old app called LIVE RESULT displayed on the bottom of home page)

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Fail No.5. resolved/fixed.

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