I need help with my portfolio

Literally all you’ve said is “lol at millennials”, “teach me about innovation as I can’t be bothered to search for myself” and “I love value investing”

Nah, I want to see with eyes of optimist.

I am pesimist. So obviously good thing is to see from perspective of “enemy”. Right?

Scientifically the best to do is to invest consistently into a well diversified portfolio. You said your time horizon is 5-10 years, so over that period just going with some broad ETF’s (SP500, world, etc.) would have the best chance of being the best option over that time frame.

An often overlooked part is investor psychology, and that’s the most difficult (and maybe even most important) part. If you have a low risk tolerance having a risky portfolio, even with high expected returns over longer periods of time, could yield you pretty bad returns due to selling stocks at the wrong moment. The difference in performance between a 30 individual stock portfolio and an broad ETF is small. But if the 30 individual stocks give you more motivation to invest or more resilience to selling (you might then know better what you own preventing you from panicking) then that might be the better option.

This is comparable to the debt payoff psychology, theoretically it’s best to pay of the highest interest rate debts first but in practice most people succeed in paying of their debt if they pay of the debts which give them the most guild/embarrassment (family loans etc.) even though that theoretically isn’t the best way to go.

In the end the decision is yours to invest in a portfolio of which you have a high conviction and with which you can still sleep at night.

(assuming you have an emergency fund, no high interest debt etc.)

Again, I don’t know what you’re referring to with that response.

If you’re talking about learning about innovation from me, then I referred you to people equally as optimistic as I am

While I agree with where you come from.

One thing needs to be looked at.
5-10 years is low span.

In current valuations it might take far longer then 5-10 years to get decent returns even with broad index.

If you check S&P valuation, highest it has ever been from the median. So we might very likely have a lost decade ahead of us from index perspective…

But anyway if OP will DCA along the way it will pay in “dividends” later on. Just that it might be challenging to have red for quiet some time. A possible scenario that is.

Try exploring and analysing:

Vanguard FTSE All-World

ish MSCI ACWI (All country World Index) USD (Expense ratio is higher)

XTrackers MSCI USA Information Technology GBX

Thankyou everyone for taking time to help with this it’s really helped , the way I’m kind of thinking now is to maybe get rid of the pies I have because there’s no control really and maybe keep the stocks I’ve been more interested in and build on them ? Like maybe 8-10 stocks? And really keep an eye on them???

I agree with you that 5 years is pretty short, and under normal circumstances, some bonds should be an option to consider with such a time span. The problem is that the bond yields are pretty low right now.

If you check S&P valuation, highest it has ever been from the median.

The valuation is indeed pretty high, but we also must take into account that earnings dropped and stimulus/QE forced money into the market creating the higher valuations (note that the valuation also spiked just after the GFC because earnings look backwards and prices forward).

So we might very likely have a lost decade ahead of us from index perspective…

We simply don’t know but it’s always is a possibility, but are there any alternatives? Picking stocks might or might not be a solution and bonds with current yields will not help too much.

If I remember correctly (am too lazy to look it up rn :grinning:) but didn’t the 5 year minimum for stocks come from the longest period of time before stocks reached a new all-time high from their earlier high (great depression) and thus the 5-year minimum? Taking that into account how likely is it that another lost period happens which is even longer (especially as governments have become better at combatting crisises). But we’ll see, the longer the time period the better.

I personally always take the worst scenario. Dot.com.

MSFT from 2000-2015 without dividend reinvested.

Bonds definitely don’t look attractive.

There is however value in individual stocks. So I guess mix of 40-80 % index 60-20%% individual stocks based on how much free time individual has to spare. Wouldn’t go full on with any single strategy.

how did you get my portfolio allocations? :joy: I’m ~40% broad market ETF’s and 60% individual stocks (a whopping 48 of them)

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A lot of arm chair experts here lol
The thing I find is most people are always saying this method is better that method is better but they never really show a newbie what they do or have.
I’m no expert myself but I do find it a little frustrating reading done comments on here.
The thread was started by a newbie asking about getting some help and as far as I’ve seen it’s not really helped him.
Those who are the better investor with done or lots of experience know what I am saying.
Maybe the answer is to join a Patreon and then answers will be answered.
Nothing is free in this world.
Good luck

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So tell me, what is then appropriate feedback, to provide help?

Someone should link his portfolio? Provide invested amounts?

You cannot say what is best strategy, because there is not a single one.

On average it was shown that investing in ETF will outperform average investors. But who is to say OP has intentions to be average investor.

There is not a Strategy A is right for Person B.

Actually it can be proved and there are tons of papers that shows what king of investment did better for long term, short term, low or high risky etc.

Will it continue to work for more few decades?
it’s up to each of us to bet our money against or in favour :wink:

I can give you a simple example:
Dividend portfolios rarely beats the S&P 500, but guess what you find most everywhere on blogs/youtube/reddit/etc?

The gentleman sent in his portfolio for the world to see asking for some advice.
If there’s stocks there that are high risk or bad eggs then maybe those should be mentioned to him from those more savvy investors with Hundreds/thousands of shares In their own portfolio.
There are investors out there that know what’s a good solution but I think the only way to get answers is to pay for it by joining a trusted Patreon.
Like I said he was only asking advice and I felt he got nothing back other than just put it in S&P 500.
Just my take on the comments
I am a newbie so I can’t provide the answers but I just wanted to say what I say because I feel he got very little positivity out of it.
Maybe I’m wrong but we’re all here to make money not loose it

Well, telling someone his picks are good/bad is 2d metric really. While stocks are more 3d, where time which is 3rd factor is most important.

Obviously there is not a simple task to go through list of 30+ companies and give a simple good/bad answer.

The easier solution is to ask OP, if he is new, and why he pick those stocks. Most first time investors, don’t have much idea on valuations, they pick the stocks they are most familiar with. With that in mind it doesn’t necessarily mean any pick is bad, valuation might be high, but still if OP has 20+ years, most of the names will have good returns.

I am not sure why people would expect someone to tell you what are the best companies to invest when this is purely subjective topic.

Nor is the OP in level of investment where it is good for his development to go into to much details.

Best advice imho is always start with ETF , put money regularly, while getting educated about the subject. If your intention is to actively manage the portfolio. If not, then pick ETFs and autoinvest.

Ps I don’t see anyone here claiming to be expert on the subject. Most folks are actively learning and helping via community. If trying to help seems like acting expert well, what is the point of community, who is supposed to provide this feedback? Apart from @kali @Richard.W I am not sure if there are many with 10+ years in investing to have “legitimate” expertise.

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Well I’m new to all this, I am enjoying it so far, it is interesting and fun. I’ve asked lots of questions on here, some may sound a bit dumb but so far everyone on here has been great.
Some have spent nearly an hour explaining with screenshots etc and also I’ve not seen it where a newbie has been ridiculed or put down.
It’s one of the best forums I’ve been on and I’ve been on plenty about other subjects.

With just this comment I’d say you’re better than you’d think.

I have a lot of experience in investing(does not mean I am good) I saw this thread on the very first post but like yourself I cannot provide the answers as well so I decided not to reply. This has nothing to do with patreon etc. You’ll see a lot of people in this kind of forums that’ll scream at you and tell to go buy Tesla or Crispr because it is the future (despite not having a lot more experience than yourself)

I did post what I am buying in this forum multiple times but I don’t advocate blindly following this. What it can do for you is, lets say if you are looking for some diversification in healthcare, you’d see I am quite heavy in NVTA and go look into it.

Unfortunately the expected answer for these kind of question is usually is add X sell Y and you’ll be rich in this amount of time. I have replied to multiple similar topics in the past and told IF they want to buy something now, invest in some generic ETFs and may be a gold ETC while educating themselves. Do some research and expand your portfolio one at a time. There are 30+ shares in the portfolio in the screenshots. Creating that should’ve take weeks if not months.

Apologies for stressing the self training point again but this is the best advice I can give. 5-6 great books will cost something like £100 utterly worth it if you are going to invest 5-10-100K in the future.

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Don’t listen to all the crap…do what you want to do its your money…i have 63 companies and i’m happy and sleep at night

Thanks for that, another question tho … what would you do with stocks now another lockdown is coming?

Hold and save some cash each month in case it drops for buying. If you sold now sods law is vaccine/election/economy news would come in and then it would jump up again with you exited.