If you hold Bitcoins

Just sharing a very tiny pet project that may be useful to someone.

If you have your own wallets to hold Bitcoins… take a look :wink:



It sounds interesting, but I must say that I do not fully understand.
So, lets say I get a unique set of 24 codes from Sekreto and store it on my computer. How do I ensure that no one else accesses my unique conversion table?

Also, do you speak Esperanto?

P.S. I do not invest in crypto, I only want to understand this a bit better :slight_smile:.

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Get yourself a hard wallet or paper wallet and take them offline. Safest place to keep them :slight_smile:

The whole point is that having only your conversation table is useless, because it contains all the 2048 words, not only your 24 words.

Someone has to have physical access to your paper sheet to either read the words as they are, or the codes, then use the conversion table to know what words the codes represents.

In summary, having access to ONLY your paper sheet or your conversion table, does not provide enough Information to wipe your wallet :wink:

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I have a hardware wallet and your are still obliged to keep your 24 words somewhere, that’s the whole point :wink:

Paper wallet are great if you never ever plan to send, transfer or exchange any coins from it, otherwise you have to online wipe it exposing your whole wallet… it’s not practical at all.

I’ve got multiple wallets myself and have the seeds stored in various places in ways that no one would understand what they are. Been buying and selling btc for about 7/8 years now

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That’s the idea :wink:

Just don’t get fooled my your memory/brain… it’s very common to people create some brain coding to hide the seed words to other people not understand and after some time they also don’t anymore :grin:

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I only know this too well :see_no_evil::joy:


I agree. It’s hard to remember the interpretation of a clue when you stop using something for years.